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About us


How long we exist on the market ...

Polskok Ltd. was established in 2004 after joining two independent manufacturers of the sports branch. Therefore we are young company which relies on long-term experience.

The World is ours!

During the whole time of our activity we try to take part in sports events as sponsor or main supplier.
Among others we had the honor of taking part in:

  • European Wrestling Championship Cadet, Poland
  • European Wrestling Championship Junior, Poland
  • World Academy Wrestling Championship, Poland
  • World Wrestling Championship Junior, Lithuania
  • World Cup in Trampoline Jumps, Poland
  • African Wrestling Cup, Algier
  • World Championship Karate Fudokan, Poland
  • and many others ...

We invite to meet with our achievements at our references.

Our aim ...

Our aim is to make useful product which meets expectations of the customer with observing the safety standards and always highly qualified. We have our own sewing room, finish PU and RG foams on our own for our own needs, make welded and galvanized elements, laminate by hot air as well as make vacuum packing.

Quality ...

Our motto is the quality, not a low price. We assume that sports equipment should be safe and durable. Our all mats are made from the high qualified materials, the durability and quality is confirmed by long-term experience of their manufacturers.

Quality of the mats produced by our company is also confirmed by Certificates of Polish Sports Institute, FILA Certificate as well as a lot of reference letters.

Additionally let our reliability be underlined by the fact that we are the representative on the Polish market such companies as Eurotramp (sports trampolines), Stramatel (scoreboards) and Janssen-Fritsen (gymnastic equipment). Therefore we cooperate with a lot of companies in Poland and abroad, whose trademark and quality are also confirmed by their long-term experience.

Offer ...

We are for professionals and amateurs. Always there where the highest quality is needed our equipment will be the correct choice.

We offer sports mats for different disciplines, such as gymnastic mats, rollable mats, wrestling mats, safety mats and mats for martial arts. Moreover in our offer there are equipment for sports gyms, equipment for general development and for remedial exercises as well as equipment for children.

For whom...

Our offer is for:
  • primary and secondary schools, for which we can offer sports mats available for their needs and chindren's age
  • sports clubs, where mats are used during the activities in gymnastics, acrobatics, martial arts, wrestling, jumps on trampoline and other sports disciplines
  • Sport Federations and Sport Unions, where we can offer service during national as well as international sports events
  • sports warehouses which equip individual clients
  • building companies which are occupied with general equipping od the sports gyms and buildings

We invite you to meet with our offer.

Partners and Friends

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